wow blog gw yg prtma..
ok ak mo cerita tentang chat aneh gw ma orang cina yg menurut gw orangnya freak bngt..

hahahaha kt ber2 gag nyambung coz sma2 bhs ingris yg pas2an..
cekidot petikan esklusifnya:

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: hello
You: hai
Stranger: how are you
You: good
Stranger: how long have you find this website
You: abt 2 weeks
Stranger: i find it tonight
You: oh.. enjoy it..
Stranger: can you tell me why you want to talk to strangers
Stranger: i only want to improve my english
You: frankly, just waste my time.. 😀
You: yes..
Stranger: there are so many ways to waste time
You: i’m not good in english too
You: whr ar u frm?
Stranger: i didn’t got it
You: where ar u from?
Stranger: i got it ,i come from china
Stranger: i love my country
You: im indonesian
You: nice too meet u
Stranger: nice to meet you too
You: age?
Stranger: 22,what about you
You: 19
You: f/m?
Stranger: man,are you a man?
You: nope.. im a girl 😀
You: heii
Stranger: it isn’t important
Stranger: do you still study in school
You: wht u mean?
You: i’m in college
Stranger: i mean i don’t care about talk to man or female
Stranger: i only want to talk ,improve my bad english
You: ok.. never mind.. wht is ur name?
Stranger: sorry ,i don’t have english name
You: chinese name?.
Stranger: frankly ,i don’t like english as you think
You: i’m just wanna talk to u.. tell about ur self,, maybe we can tobe a friend
Stranger: chinese name ?are you sure you want to know my name
You: yes.
Stranger: ok ,you got it
Stranger: my name is chichengli,can i know your name
You: u can call me tiwi..
Stranger: if you don’t want to say,you can stop it
You: why? i like to know u
Stranger: er ,but can you sure i am a good guy
You: i wish.. 😀
Stranger: you can spend you security on wish
You: hem..
Stranger: it isn’t a good way
You: now i’ll ask u,, do u a good guy?
Stranger: i don’t know ,because sometime i don’t know myself,nobody can say he know heself
Stranger: are you sure you know yourself
You: ok. do u have a job dude?
You: i;m sure about myself
Stranger: i don’t have now,i still study in school
You: school?? not college? ar u 22?
Stranger: still take money from my parents,of course ,i am in college
Stranger: a bad college
You: why bad???
You: i’m sure there’s a reason u call ur college is bad..
You: hai r u there?
Stranger: Sorry to interrupt you ,what are you mean
Stranger: what do you mean
You: why u call ur college is bad??
Stranger: you can ask another quesion
You: ok ok
You: wht is ur hobby?
Stranger: can i ask you a privacy quesion
You: ok
Stranger: i think you are busy now ,i have to do another thing,so,i have to go
You: ok..
Stranger: ,nice to meet you,goodbye
You: goodbye

gludag.. ni orang aneh.. hehehe (wlopun di omegle mank orngnya aneh smua, bhkan yg lbh prh ma ini bnyak ngt).. tp ngp gtu ak tertrik ma ni orang.. yg jelas nice too meet u Mr. chichengi 😀